Connecting Industries Worldwide

This year, Liebherr has exhibited its high-performance components and solutions at the world's leading trade show for industrial technology in Hannover.

From 23rd - 27th April, Liebherr featured its new product developments in hydraulics and electronics.

Liebherr is continuously expanding its product portfolio: Among the new product developments is the third-generation mobile digital camera - MDC3 - equipped with comprehensive sensor functions, which Liebherr presents to the professional public in Hannover for the first time. The camera opens a wide range of applications and is ideal for demanding deployments in mobile machinery: from agricultural machines, through construction machinery to material handlers.

Thanks to an integrated Ethernet switch, the MDC3 has an additional Ethernet connection. This allows any number of cameras to be linked in series and to reduce the outlay on wiring.

Among the latest innovations is also the intelligent position transducer for hydraulic cylinders - LiView. It is now equipped with a function enabling detailed condition monitoring - for the first time as far as the sensor level. Such precise diagnosis of system faults helps to reduce long mobile machinery downtimes and to increase efficiency in the field.

One of the latest product developments in hydraulics is the new 380 bar hydraulic cylinder series. As compared to the preceding 350 bar product range, it features higher power density for the same flexibility and sizes. Moreover, the improved tandem sealing system ensures a longer service life and higher efficiency. While developing the new series, Liebherr has further pursued the "from supplier of components to supplier of systems" approach. As a result, in-house manufactured hydraulic power units can perfectly complement the 380-bar product range.

Further highlights at the show are the medium pressure pump family LH30VO, which has been extended by two additional sizes - downward a 28 cm3 and upward an 85 cm3 unit - as well as a variable displacement hydraulic pump DPVO215i for an open circuit with inverse piston technology. The integrated impeller, furthermore, helps to increase the maximum rotation speed.