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ABB and Fastned celebrate launch of 100th charging location

The power of collaboration in driving progress to a more sustainable future is more evident than ever as ABB celebrates the launch of the 100th Fastned charging site using ABB EV charging technology.

Since the launch of the pilot Fastned project in The Netherlands in 2013, the close working relationship between Fastned and ABB has facilitated the successful launch of charging sites across the Netherlands and Germany, with the UK’s first high power station launching in Sunderland just a couple of weeks ago.

Located in Molenkamp along the A15 in the Netherlands, the latest launch takes Fastned one step closer to achieving its aim of 1,000 European fast charging stations on prime locations, where all-electric vehicles can charge with renewable energy from the sun and wind.

Michiel Langezaal, CEO Fastned commented: “This is good news for electric drivers and a great milestone for Fastned. In 2013 we opened our first fast-charging stations along the Dutch highway. Six years later we have built more than 100 stations in the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom. The development of locations in Belgium and Switzerland is also well underway. With this fast charging network, Fastned is now one of the largest players in Europe.”

Charging technology provided by ABB for use at Fastned charging stations include ABB’s Terra DC fast chargers and the company’s future proof Terra High Power charger, which has the capability to provide 350kW of power and add 200 km of range to an electric vehicle in just eight minutes.

Connection to ABB’s cloud-based platform ensures Fastned charging stations benefit from solutions like ChargerCare, including remote monitoring, diagnosis and maintenance, maximising uptime and efficiency for the consumer.

ABB as pioneers in sustainable mobility has also developed added value services for Fastned users including Autocharge, which enables plug and play usability for EV drivers long before ISO15118 will become a reality on the road. A charger will automatically recognise the vehicle based on its unique vehicle identifier and will commence charging after the vehicle is connected without requiring the use of an RFiD card, payment card or mobile app. This function is available for cars charging with CCS.

Frank Muehlon, Managing Director for electric vehicle charging infrastructure at ABB explains: “As a long-term technology partner of Fastned, we would like to congratulate them on achieving this significant milestone. We are delighted to have had the opportunity to support Fastned in mobilising the growing generation of e-drivers in long-distance travel.

“Serving as the sole technology partner for Fastned gave them the opportunity to focus on their core business objectives while ABB delivered the full electrification solution, always based on the latest state-of-art technology in this fast-paced ecosystem. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Fastned as we share the same vision on e-mobility and on the pursuit of 1,000 European Fastned charging sites.”

ABB has been at the forefront of EV technology for over 10 years, launching its first DC charger in 2010, its first national DC charging network in 2012 and the first electric bus charger in Europe in 2016. ABB has currently sold more than 10,500 DC high-speed chargers across 73 countries worldwide.

Fortune Magazine recently ranked ABB #8 on its list of companies that are “changing the world” for the advances it has made in e-mobility and electric vehicle charging.