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Hull Trains offers virtual tour of new paragon trains for travellers

Whether you prefer a window seat, want a sneak peak in first class, or like to know where the nearest toilets are, Hull Trains’ customers can now take a 360 virtual tour inside its new Paragon trains.

Thanks to a new immersive video, customers can now walk through one of the train carriages which features standard and first-class facilities in detail before booking train tickets.

Anne Somers, Commercial and Customer Experience Director said: “After speaking to our customers, we discovered that many people want to know what to expect before travelling, especially regarding the improved accessibility and luggage storage options on the Paragon fleet.

“The interactive video allows people see exactly where the new USB and plug sockets are, our customers can see how seats are configured, where they can place their luggage and how close they are to the nearest toilets.

“Bike users can see the dedicated cycle storage space and identify the best door to use when travelling, priority seating is clearly labelled and customers know what to expect in first class.

“This is just one of the ways we are improving customer experience at Hull Trains. By helping people to navigate their way round the train carriages, customers know what to expect before travelling This helps our passengers to relax in their seats, they’re likely to enjoy their journey much more, as well as the new at-seat trolley service we have introduced on these trains.

“An extra 5,500 people will be able to travel between Hull and London every week once the full fleet is in passenger service and this tool helps to showcase our spacious carriages and improved facilities.”

A full seating plan of the five carriage Paragon trains is available on the Hull Trains website.