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BYTON to launch all-new intelligent electric vehicle at CES

BYTON's all-new smart intuitive vehicle will make its global debut at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, U.S.A. on 7th January 2018.

A next-generation smart device, the car is uniquely built for the coming era of truly shared, smart mobility and autonomous driving.

BYTON's smart intuitive vehicle features an all-new design and innovative human-vehicle interaction. Examples include:
Multiple display screens, with the traditional centre console replaced by a Shared Experience Display enabling content shown to be shared with other passengers in the car; Facial recognition cameras to recognise the driver or passenger in unlocking the door; Front and rear LED lights and a luminescent logo can switch to different display modes to suit different driving scenarios.

In addition to voice recognition, touch control, biometric identification and necessary physical buttons, the car features proprietary Air Touch sensors, enabling front and rear passengers to control the Shared Experience Display with hand gestures.

Additionally, a platform that seamlessly connects a driver's or passenger's apps, data, and devices, allowing them to take full advantage of their travel time whether for work or entertainment. BYTON Life also provides personalised services and configurations that are automatically adjusted to users' preferences.

BYTON's intelligent electric car will be manufactured at the company's plant in Nanjing, China and available in China in 2019. The car will be available in the U.S. and Europe in 2020. BYTON's subsequent sedan and multi-purpose vehicle will be designed and produced based on the same platform.