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Bayer Science & Education Foundation launches new round of funding

Applications for the Bayer Science & Education Foundation's international fellowship programs are now being accepted for this year's round.

In the academic sector, ambitious students can apply for an Otto Bayer, Carl Duisberg, Jeff Schell, or Kurt Hansen scholarship if they are aiming to undertake an innovative study project abroad or from foreign countries planning a project in Germany.

The subjects funded include all fields of study related to life sciences, chemistry or medicine as agricultural engineering, digital farming, biology, biochemistry, plant-biotechnology, biochemical process engineering, human and veterinary medicine, pharmacy, computational life sciences and teacher training in biology or chemistry.

The Bayer Science & Education Foundation's program offers this year again an extra budget of €50,000 for students from African countries who are planning study projects on the scientific topics above in Germany or to students from Germany planning to implement a project in Africa. In addition to the fellowships in the academic sector, the Hermann Strenger scholarships are available to support young people on a non-academic training program looking to gain initial work experience abroad.

Applications are invited from committed trainees in health professions (commercial, industrial, scientific or medical occupations). Young professionals in these fields who have completed their training within the past two years are also invited to apply. With this program, the Bayer Science & Education Foundation is looking to offer targeted funding to young people in the non-academic sector, enabling them to gain professional experience abroad. An independent scientific committee will award funding in mid-September 2018.

The application deadline for all five scholarship programs is 18th July 2018.