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Panasonic commercialises halogen-free multi-layer circuit board material

Panasonic Corporation has announced that it has commercialised halogen-free, ultra-low transmission loss, multi-layer circuit board material.

The material, called Halogen-free MEGTRON6 (Representative part number: R-5375), is suited for communications infrastructure equipment such as fifth-generation (5G) mobile communication systems. Production will begin in April 2019.

With the upcoming launch of 5G mobile communication system services, greater-capacity and faster data transmission speeds will be needed. Multi-layer circuit board material used as a key component in equipment such as servers and routers that support core systems for communications networks will require halogen-free material from the viewpoint of environmental protection, not to mention high-capacity and high-speed data transmission. Panasonic has commercialised this multi-layer circuit board material that is ideal for communications infrastructure equipment by achieving a halogen-free material that shows low transmission loss, high heat resistance, and high reliability, based on the company's proprietary resin design technology and compounding technology.

Panasonic's new Halogen-free MEGTRON6 multi-layer circuit board material has the following features: halogen-free material with a low transmission loss characteristic, contributing to higher-capacity and faster data transmission; enhanced reliability of equipment operation due to highly heat-resistant, high-reliability multi-layer circuit board material; and the halogen-free material employed improves ease of manufacturing and processing of multi-layer circuit boards with over 20 layers.

There is a growing need for environment-friendly halogen-free material for circuit board materials used in communications infrastructure equipment. To maintain flame retardation, the use of non-halogen flame retardants is necessary, but the downside was increased transmission loss, particularly in the high-frequency range. Achievement of large-capacity and high-speed transmission as required by communications infrastructure equipment by using halogen-free material was, therefore, a challenge. However, the company has now achieved flame retardation with halogen-free material as well as low transmission loss in the high-frequency range by applying its proprietary resin design technology and compounding technology. As a result, large-capacity and high-speed data transmission were achieved, which will contribute to the rollout of the 5G mobile communication system.

This material, created using the company's own resin design technology and compounding technology, offers excellent reflow heat resistance, insulation reliability, and high glass transition temperature as well as a high thermal decomposition temperature. This multi-layer circuit board material achieves high reliability in high-temperature environments, thereby contributing to the reliable operation of communications infrastructure equipment.

This material achieves outstanding ease of manufacturing and processing in producing multi-layer circuit boards with over 20 layers based on the company's own resin design technology and enables the adoption of environment-friendly halogen-free circuit board material in communications infrastructure equipment that requires very high numbers of board layers.

This material will be exhibited at “DesignCon 2019” to be held from 29th – 31st January 2019 in Santa Clara, California, USA.