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RPI UK showcases world-leading turbine inspection and assembly systems

RPI UK, the world’s leading specialist in precision positioning devices for high accuracy rotary and angular inspection systems, will be exhibiting at MRO Americas for the first time this year.

RPI will be showcasing it’s iMAP and Quadrant systems for gas turbine inspection and assembly in the MRO market.

Jim Palmer, RPI’s Sales Manager, said: "We’re really looking forward to exhibiting at MRO Americas for the first time this year. This is a key market for us, and we’re excited to be part of a forum where we can present the fantastic capabilities that both iMAP and Quadrant technology can deliver to benefit MRO aerospace operations. The show gives us a unique opportunity to enhance our understanding of the market so that we can strive to keep improving the way we serve our customers."

RPI has already proven to reduce inspection times by 90% and improve gauge repeatability and reproducibility by up to 10 times for existing MRO customers. iMAP is typically used in this application once the engines are dismantled, to inspect each individual section of the engine for cracks, wear and distortion. Once the components have been approved, repaired or replaced, iMAP’s Rotor Stacking software is used to optimise the assembly of each component relevant to its neighbour. This ensures minimum runout or unbalance is achieved in the finished rotor.

In addition to this, RPI also has more than 750 successful CMM rotary table installations worldwide. The Quadrant range of rotary tables provides an additional axis for any high precision CMM inspecting component parts such as gas turbine discs and fan blades. The part, typically characterised by symmetrical or recurring features, is simply rotated to meet the CMM’s measurement. Not only does this simplify the measurement procedure, but it also increases the CMM’s application range and effective measuring volume. Overall, this improves the flexibility, productivity and efficiency of the CMM inspection.

With 80 years of engineering heritage and rotary innovation, RPI is a trusted company with exceedingly dependable products that are still in use 30 years on. They have a global distribution network that includes its North American sales partner, Wyvern Industrial Technology, who will also be joining RPI at the MRO Americas show this spring.