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Arcadis has been commissioned by Beliris to supervise the expansion of the Brussels metro

Arcadis, the leading global design and consultancy firm for natural and built assets, has announced that it has been commissioned by delegated client Beliris for the cost control, risk management and planning for the metro line 3 Albert/Bordet project in Brussels, during the study and execution phase of the extension work. The total amount of the contract is approximately €6 million.

A new metro line is being created in Brussels: the metro line 3 Albert/Bordet. This major project, which will improve mobility in Brussels, includes the conversion of the existing tram line into a premetro with a 5km extension operated as an automatic metro, the construction of 7 new stations and 1 depot for the maintenance and stabling of trains.

With this expansion, the frequency and capacity of the metro will be increased. The Brussels metro network can thus meet the expected demographic growth. Offices, shops, cultural institutions and schools will be reached better and faster. The new route will run from the Brussels North station to the new maintenance workshop in Haren. The new stations on this line are Liedts, Colignon, Verboekhoven, Riga, Linde, Vrede and Bordet.

he new metro tunnel will have an average depth of 25 to 30 meters and the stations will be 3 floors deep, among other things to limit the impact of vibration on the environment. The monotube tunnel with a diameter of 9.8 m will be drilled with a tunnel boring machine.

Technical department head Jens De Smet at Beliris explains that "due to the complexity of the project we have chosen to appoint a consultancy for the cost control, quantity survey, risk management and planning, a function that is mandatory in France, but not yet very common in Belgium. Arcadis has proven to be a reliable partner for this type of infrastructure work both in Belgium and abroad. In Paris, Arcadis was also appointed as 'assistant au maître d'ouvrage' (assistant to the project supervisor) for the expansion of the metro network, 'Le Grand Paris Express.' "Arcadis demonstrates leadership and expertise in this field and we have every confidence in this long-term partnership."

"All major cities are facing growing challenges related to traffic congestion and air pollution, and we are pleased to be able to contribute to this project to improve the mobility and quality of life for Brussels residents and commuters," says Kristof Peperstraete, CEO of Arcadis Belgium.