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Techtronic Industries Power Equipment® Introduces Reduced CO Portable Generator

Techtronic Industries Power Equipment® Introduces Reduced CO Portable Generator.

Techtronic Industries Power Equipment has announced that it is bringing to market an innovative Reduced CO Emissions Portable Generator powered by the US-based--Kohler.

The 7000-watt PowerStroke PS907000KFI Generator is powered by the brand-new KOHLER Command PRO® EFI ECH440 with new, reduced emission outputs. The engine significantly reduces emissions, including Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Nitrogen Oxide (NOx), without sacrificing engine performance. The ECH440LE engine features Kohler's closed-loop EFI system, which is specifically calibrated for reduced-emissions. The engine's integrated catalytic exhaust system, in combination with its closed-loop system, help to significantly lower harmful emissions.

This PowerStroke PS907000KFI 7000-watt generator will also be certified to the new ANSI / UL2201 (Underwriters Laboratories) carbon monoxide safety standard for portable generators that requires a significant reduction in CO emitted by the generator. ANSI / UL 2201- the Standard for Carbon Monoxide (CO) Emission Rate of Portable Generators has received support from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Consumer Federation of America (CFA), National Consumers League (NCL) and other safety organisations.

"Portable generator products that comply with ANSI / UL 2201 will emit much less CO, meaning they will provide greater protection for consumers from the significant threats of CO poisoning," says Ken Boyce, principal engineer director with UL.

"Products that are developed, tested and certified in accordance with these requirements will pose lower risks to the public," Boyce concludes.

"It was really natural to partner with Kohler on a program like this," said Michael Scaletta, Director of Product Development. Mr Scaletta continued, "Kohler was instrumental in advancing generator safety in the marine category as far back as 2006 by implementing EFI and catalyst technology into marine generators. With Kohler's vast experience in reduced emissions generator platforms, TTI was able to integrate Kohler's engine technology into our generator platform and will be offering it for sale soon."

The new Electric-Start PowerStroke PS907000KFI 7000-watt model generator powered by the Kohler EFI engine provides up to 25% fuel savings, compared to a standard carbureted engine, and greatly reduces Carbon Monoxide (CO) exhaust emitted from the engine. CO-related poisoning is a leading cause of portable generator-related injuries and deaths throughout the United States.