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Liqui-Box steps up investments in research and development and innovation

Liqui-Box, a world leader in flexible liquid packaging solutions continues its investment in innovation and research and development with the introduction of a new Maverick Dream Machine development bag line in the Global Technology Centre located in Ohio, USA.

"We are pleased to introduce this new bag line to our engineers, designers, and technicians. This new line will allow quicker process and product development and allow us to run bag samples for customers and potential customers without the need to interrupt production facilities," stated Greg Gard, SVP research and development. While a smaller scale version of the Maverick production lines that are in operation at all Liqui-Box manufacturing locations today, this line incorporates most of those industry-leading bag line features.

"This line will also be an avenue to test new engineering and equipment upgrades prior to commercial introduction on our manufacturing lines," states Hilton Traviss, Liqui-Box VP Engineering and Maverick cofounder.

In addition to the new Maverick bag line, Liqui-Box has begun upgrades to the DOT Transportation testing station in the Global Technology Centre. This test equipment allows Liqui-Box to test products under several shipping and environmental conditions. These additional testing capabilities deliver valuable insights to Liqui-Box customers that improve not only packaging technology, but also transportation, safe handling and logistics.

Filling equipment is also an important part of the Liqui-Box product portfolio. To maintain an edge in the marketplace, a new Aseptipak steam filler will be operational in the Global Technology Centre in the 1st quarter of 2018. The new filler will allow testing of Liqui-Box bags and fitments under higher temperature conditions; important to the customers filling requirements.

"We continue to invest in our capabilities in research and development, process, and equipment in our Global Technology Centre, so we can continue to meet the growing product demands of our customer base," added Gard. These capital additions continue to support Liqui-Box's strategic plan and commitment to creating the most technologically advanced bag-in-box company in the world.