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Kemira supports WWF’s water work in Himalayas

Kemira Oyj has donated €40,000 for WWF Finland (World Wide Fund for Nature) to secure water resources in the Himalayas, in Nepal and Bhutan.

Kemira´s support for WWF was announced on the World Water Day 22nd March 2018.

The wide area of Himalayas is one of the water resource hotspots in Asia. The glaciers, lakes and rivers provide clean water for 1.5 billion people across Asia. At the same time, the Himalayas is incredibly fragile environment and it is threatened by a variety of issues, like climate change, forest loss and infrastructure development, as they both effect on river flows and the amount of water streaming down.

“The best and most efficient way to secure the water resources is to protect the forests”, says Anne Tarvainen, the Head of International Development Program in WWF Finland. Forested catchments supply a high proportion of the water for domestic, agricultural, industrial and ecological needs in both upstream and downstream areas.

“Kemira´s donation helps WWF to secure the vital water resources for over a billion people in India, Nepal, Pakistan, China and Bhutan. We will e.g. set up new community forests with local people, promote sustainable forest management practices, promote good forest governance and policies”, says Tarvainen.

Provision of alternative sustainable livelihoods has a crucial role in WWF’s approach. In the past 4 years with WWF Finland support to Nepal and Bhutan more than 200,000 people have benefited by receiving safe drinking water, improved livelihoods and better opportunities to engage sustainable natural resources management.

WWF’s aim is that by 2021, community forests and protected forests are expanded and protected and that hundreds of hectares of degraded forest are under improved management and restoration.

WWF Finland partnership program in the Himalayas is partially funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland 2018-2021 and co-funded by Finnish corporations and WWF supporters.