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Mammoet wins Environmental Award for Sustainable Practices

Mammoet has received an Environmental Award at this year’s Specialised Carriers and Rigging Association (SC&RA) conference in Boca Raton, Florida.

The award is presented by the SC&RA to a member organisation that demonstrates an outstanding contribution to environmental protection. Mammoet won the award this year for increasing the sustainability of its business and reducing its environmental footprint.

Mammoet has introduced various initiatives and programs that improve its sustainability performance and help limit the business’ environmental impacts. Sustainability initiatives and innovations at Mammoet include the utilisation of geothermal heating and cooling, recycled water systems and LED lighting at new facilities. Recycling and waste management programs have also been implemented within the organisation. In Edmonton, Canada, the Mammoet office benefits from a recycling program run in partnership with social enterprise Chrysalis, who change lives by providing jobs for disadvantaged people. Mammoet Canada is a certified Green Business.

Other sustainability innovations include tracking vehicle emissions using GPS to assist in reducing vehicle idling across the fleet. Furthermore, Mammoet continues to invest in the development of products that reduce environmental impact. For example, EnviroMat is a product which improves soil bearing capacity for heavy lifting projects without the need to transport gravel, mats or concrete slabs to a project site. Mammoet is also seeking to reduce its use of endangered hardwoods by developing a new type of jacking beam made from a bamboo composite.

CEO of the SC&RA, Joel Dandrea, said Mammoet’s ongoing commitment to sustainability should be recognised. “We applaud the outstanding initiatives Mammoet continues to take for environmental sustainability,” he said. “Your innovation and overall programs are commendable.”