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Pöyry's new intrapreneurial culture helps deliver growing range of digital service offerings for clients

Pöyry has reported nine consecutive quarters of improvement since commencing a group-wide strategic change and transformation programme.

With a focus on innovation, Pöyry is now reaping the rewards of an intrapreneurial culture in which experts across some 40 countries are collaborating with clients and partners and each other to deliver value-adding digital service offerings for clients.

Embracing the potential of digital to improve efficiency and increase results, Pöyry has developed predictive analysis tools such as Performance Booster, currently piloting with District Heating companies to help adjust their operations with real-time information. Krti 4.0®, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Framework for Operational Excellence, was recently announced jointly with Infosys. Utilising a model-based data-driven framework applying AI, cognitive/machine learning and Machine to Machine (M2M), Krti 4.0 is designed to dramatically reduce system maintenance costs and expensive operation shutdowns, and improve reliability, employee and environmental safety.

Pöyry's experience of Building Information Modelling (BIM) is helping to revolutionise the way engineers and owners collaborate, offering a virtual reality (VR) that enables clients to review alternative construction possibilities for example in the Transportation sector.

PöyrySmart, an online information and interactive analysis portal for a broad set of industry and market analyses, gathered for the last 40 years, enables successful operational and strategic decision making for players in the pulp, paper and paperboard industry.

"These client solutions are just a flavour of the innovative digital developments being co-created with clients, partners and our connected internal networks across the Pöyry group. With an investment in a modern culture of innovation and intrapreneurship, we look forward to bringing further digital offerings to market in 2019 and beyond" says Dorien Terpstra, Pöyry's Head of Strategy and Transformation.

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