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Pop-Tarts releases two new flavour combinations in 2-in-1 toaster pastries

This May, in the U.S, Pop-Tarts® Toaster Pastries is releasing two all-new, ingenious toaster pastries that up the ante when it comes to taste, with two flavours side-by-side in one tart: Frosted Strawberry & Drizzled Cheesecake and Drizzled Sugar Cookie & Frosted Brownie Batter.

The new flavour combinations are popping on the scene in the sweetest of ways, as these new, limited-edition Pop-Tarts Splitz flavour mash-ups also mark the first time ever that Drizzled Cheesecake and Frosted Brownie Batter have joined the Pop-Tarts line-up.

"At Pop-Tarts, we love to give fans the varieties and flavours they love most, so we're excited to introduce all-new tarts with two crazy good flavours side by side," said Angela Gusse, director of marketing for Pop-Tarts.

A fan-favourite format, the flavours in new Pop-Tarts Splitz are designed to taste amazing on their own, but even better when eaten together. Whether they nibble up one side and down the other, straight down the middle, or even stack the flavours by folding the tart in half, fans can enjoy Pop-Tarts Splitz in whatever way is crazy good to them.

The latest flavour combinations were identified and perfected after testing a range of concepts with thousands of teens and young adults. With so much deliciousness living side-by-side in one toaster pastry, the newest flavour combinations are sure to be fan must-haves.

Pop-Tarts Splitz will only be available for a limited time. To find out more about Pop-Tarts' newest flavour mash-ups, follow along via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.