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Women in Packaging UK: Sponsorship is vital to the success of women’s initiatives

“Businesses should not underestimate the impact sponsorship has on female-oriented initiatives,” says Joanna Stephenson, Co-founder of Women in Packaging UK, a group that connects, supports and recognises female employees in the UK packaging industry.

Women in Packaging relies on the support of sponsors to help achieve its mission of equipping female employees in the packaging industry with the right tools to ensure their future success in the sector.

Ms Stephenson, added: “It’s empowering for our members to see that we’re backed by leading companies in the packaging industry.

Women’s equality is a hot topic at the moment but for WIP UK, this doesn’t mean pushing the agenda of female-oriented workplaces. It’s more important to see a genuinely diverse, expert-led workforce, regardless of employees’ gender. In this respect, we believe that sponsors can lead by example.

WIP UK has recently secured sponsorship from leading trade supplier of specialist printed packaging and point-of-sale displays, Swanline Print Ltd, and high-service packaging provider, New Vision Packaging. This show of support from the two businesses marks, according to Ms Stephenson, ‘a real move forward for the organisation.’

WIP supports and encourages female employees in roles across all material substrates, process and packaging applications, and across the supply chain from designer to retailer within the packaging industry.

Businesses interested in sponsorship can find out more about Women in Packaging Sponsorship or by contacting the team for more information.