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Automotive and rail advancements and so much more

Managing Director John White invites you to travel back in time with him (sorry, it’s not in a DeLorean
or aboard The Flying Scotsman).

Welcome dear reader to you latest edition of Inside Industry. “I’ll give a little bit of my life for you; give a little bit of your time to me,” (Supertramp). Don’t worry, I’ve not lost the plot… well that’s debateable…anyway, I am just listening to some old tunes whilst I type this and the lyrics above presented themselves as my fingers hovered over the keyboard. Then I thought about how appropriate they are to what we do here, working hard to present this magazine to you. We give up a little bit of our lives to bring this to you and ask in return that you give up a little of your time to read it.

We couldn’t give up a bit of our lives to bring you this without having the passion and desire to do so; in addition, my staff inform me that wages help too as apparently this is good for morale and feeds their passion. Passion is a driving force for sure and something I was and still am passionate about is cars and bikes. I’ve been riding motorbikes since I was 16 years old and driving cars not long after that.

As a teenager, I of course wanted the latest sports car or race bike, but at this tender age and with limited funds, I had to make do with a moped and a Ford Escort. Even so, they were mine and I was passionate about them and to me they not only represented freedom but also a chance to express myself and make a statement to the world about who I was, reflected by my choice of vehicle. I would spend hours polishing the car and adding accessories to it to make up for the fact that it wasn’t a Ferrari, Porsche or Lamborghini (my dream cars at the time).

“When I look back now,”(Brian Adams, Summer of 69) I smile at how impressed I was with the vehicle’s technology. My car had spot lights, alloy wheels, a five-speed gearbox and a fitted stereo as standard! The fact that I had to manually wind the windows to get some air circulating or use every ounce of my strength to turn the non-powered steering wheel did not bother me in the slightest.

But now of course we scoff at such prehistoric technology. I get annoyed if my windows don’t go up at the slightest touch of the switch so that my climate control can do its thing, or if I can’t steer the car with only a couple of fingers or shift from fifth to sixth gear to cruise, assuming of course that I don’t want to engage my cruise control.

Thankfully, there are a host of engineers and designers who are a great deal more passionate about transport than I am and they have the desire, and know-how to make major advancements in automotive technology.

If I look back even further, when I was still too young to drive, I used to love jumping on the train with friends and we would head off on adventures to London, watching the world go by the window as we trundled along past countryside stations en route to the big city and its impressively towering contrast to my home town by the seaside. It was my speeding capsule to another world and the ornate old carriages fed my imagination as I sat back and pretended I was a secret agent on the Orient Express on my way to a mysterious encounter in Istanbul.

I can’t help but be impressed at the gigantic leaps the automotive and rail world have collectively made within my own relatively short transport history. The cockpit of a modern car resembles that of a space craft or jet fighter plane and is festooned with safety equipment hidden from view. Rail transport is far more efficient than it was, the scenery now flashes rather than drifts by and arguably it is great deal more comfortable. Technological marvels to be sure!

So, it is with pleasure that I bring you this edition, packed full of many industrial technologies and marvels by way of news, press releases, advertisements and articles, including some impressive automotive features. I hope that our passion shines through and I thank you for giving a little bit of your time for me

John White, Managing Director


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