Theuma NV

As one of Europe’s leading door manufacturers, Theuma NV places sustainability front and centre in all its production activities. CEO Peter Le Roy talked to Andy Probert about his company’s ambitions to reduce its carbon footprint to zero by 2035 while continuing to build on its reputation for quality products.


Brimmond has over 25 years’ experience delivering bespoke lifting, mechanical and hydraulic equipment and services across a wide range of sectors. Managing Director Tom Murdoch reviewed Brimmond’s achievements, the company’s recent rebranding and the robust plan for growth in conversation with Phil Nicholls.

ESI Technologies Group

With over 100 years’ experience, ESI Technologies Group is a leading supplier of process equipment and engineering solutions for the biotech, pharmaceutical, chemical, semi-conductor and the food and beverage industries in Ireland and the UK.

Dalgakiran Kompresör  

Turkish company Dalgakiran Kompresör has over 57 years’ experience as the greatest manufacturer and exporter of compressors in the country. Export Sales Manager Ercan Asmaz described the new lines launched, the opening of a new facility and much more. A report by Phil Nicholls.

Pole Air Aviation

Celebrating its 50th year of operation, Pole Air Aviation continues pushing ahead as a MRO specialist with a reputation for getting a job done. Peter Papadatos, Executive Vice President, Commercial and Strategy, offers Andy Probert an insight into the company’s global ambitions to continue flying high in a competitive sector.

H.E.L Group

The UK-based H.E.L Group has 35 years’ experience developing and manufacturing innovative scientific instruments and software designed to optimise key processes in chemistry and biology applications.


STAMH is an engineering company providing consultancy, design, engineering, delivery, and implementation of complex automated warehouse equipment, including warehouse management software.