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Torsus Praetorian benefits from all-new technical updates

Torsus, manufacturer of the world’s toughest, heavy-duty off-road buses, has announced a comprehensive range of all-new 2021 technical updates for its flagship vehicle, the Torsus Praetorian.

Designed to transport personnel and equipment safely across the world’s harshest environments, the Praetorian is a 4x4 off-road bus based on an upgraded, heavy-duty MAN chassis.

It is powered by a six-cylinder MAN diesel engine with 286bhp and 1,150Nm of torque, as well as a heavy-duty 4x4 off-road transmission, sufficient for the bus to easily climb a 65% incline.

From the Michelin XZL off-road tyres specifically designed for emergency response and tactical vehicles to the military-grade elastomeric coatings engineered for maximum durability and impact resistance applied to body parts, no detail is overlooked. The Praetorian is engineered to master any terrain, in any weather conditions, anywhere in the world.

Following extensive customer feedback from all four corners of the globe and continuous vehicle developments, Torsus has revealed a series of all-new technical updates to make the Praetorian even more resilient.

Underpinning Torsus’ ethos to build vehicles for the world’s most demanding jobs, the upgraded Praetorian features only the very best materials, technology and construction methods in the automotive industry, ensuring exemplary quality, unwavering durability and meticulous attention to detail. Now, both engineering refinement and every aspect of vehicle performance has been elevated to an even higher level.

“At Torsus, we live by and set the highest standards for ourselves and our world-beating 4x4 buses. Our mission is to ensure our 4x4 heavy duty buses conquer the world’s most daunting driving environments, safely transporting people and equipment to locations no other vehicle could ever reach,” said Vakhtang Dzhukashvili, CEO of Torsus.

“Achieving this requires rigorous attention to detail coupled with our obsession with delivering nothing but the best. That means we constantly strive to improve our vehicles and make sure they feature the most relevant and beneficial new technology through our ongoing process of product development. By listening to customer feedback, we make certain we are always on-point with our updates and improvements.”

Yuliya Khomych, Director of Strategy, Torsus, said: “Our expert engineering and manufacturing teams have helped us to manage the challenges of the past year. The 2021 model year represents the very best of Torsus – it represents resilience, determination and our desire to succeed in the face of adversity.

“Like many businesses, the past 12 months have been challenging, but it is testament to our team that we have been able to produce an upgraded product and reach our key strategic targets.”