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DFDS sets its first electric truck in service with Volvo Trucks

In August, DFDS will launch a new project to operate its first electric truck.

The truck from Volvo Trucks will during a test phase transport parts to their truck factory near Gothenburg as well as gather the necessary data and experience to upscale and build a sustainable supply chain.

DFDS and Volvo Trucks have initiated a joint project for sustainable road transport. Volvo Truck’s heavy-duty electric truck, FM Electric, will be delivered to DFDS and put into operation after the summer 2021. The Volvo FM Electric is expected to go into production in the second half of 2022.

Volvo Group is one of the largest manufacturers of trucks and other vehicles in the world – and by that also a major transport buyer itself. The aim is to build a fossil free supply chain.

“This full-scale electric project demonstrates how serious DFDS is about shifting to electric mobility for a more sustainable transport business. Our ambition is to operate as responsibly as possible. A part of that is to upgrade our road fleet to reduce exhaust emissions and ensure optimal safety and efficiency,” said Niklas Andersson, Executive Vice President and Head of DFDS’ Logistics Division.