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Showcasing mining compliance solutions and technical expertise

Mining companies face complex operational challenges where compliant solutions can optimise processes.

Quaker Chemical Corporation will be demonstrating how its DUSTGRIP® Dust Suppressants, MINETECH™ Ground Control Agents, and QUINTOLUBRIC® Longwall and Fire-resistant Hydraulic Fluids support a safe work environment and offer compliance solutions at the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME), 25th – 28th February 2018 in Minneapolis MN, USA.

In an underground mining operation, proper ventilation is critical. Harmful gases and fugitive dust must be removed, and fresh air must be supplied to workers. Airtight seals are required to ensure that ventilation structures operate efficiently and predictably in a range of conditions. MINTECH™ Q-FOAM is a closed cell foam formulation that is ideal for air sealing, insulation and small cavity filling applications.

Quaker's Jon Brown, Market Manager Mining, will be discussing why dust suppression is important, the main approaches to dust control, and additional information on the DUSTGRIP® product line during the technical talk "Guidelines for Selecting the Right Dust Suppression" on Wednesday, February 25th at 10:25 am.

The need for dust suppressants in the mining industry continues to increase due to health, safety, and regulatory reasons. Whether on a surface or underground mine, dust and other particulates are a constant safety concern for those working in the mining industry. These hazards can cause a wide range of issues including respiratory illnesses, and operational risks.

Quaker offers a solution to these concerns with DUSTGRIP®, a family of dust suppressants for various applications, including crushers and conveyor systems, rail cars, stockpiles, unpaved haul roads, pits and quarries, mine tailings, screening operations, construction sites, unpaved parking lots and roadways, longwalls, and embankments.

Quaker has also added a line of MINETECH™ Ground Control Agents that can be dispensed through low or high pressure dispensing systems for rapid cavity filling and strata consolidation. This line includes MINETECH™ Q-FOAM, a two-chemical component, mine ventilation air sealant. Once dispensed, the product quickly creates an airtight seal around mine ventilation devices to improve overall ventilation efficiency.