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ArcelorMittal steel makes its way to wooden houses around the world

Timber may be one of steel’s competitors for the housing market, but did you know that you could find ArcelorMittal steel in wooden houses?

Thanks to the screws produced by the company Schmid Schrauben Hainfeld GmbH, the company’s steel wire rod produced by ArcelorMittal Hamburg is used in wooden houses all over Europe and in Canada and Japan.

Schmid Schrauben, which celebrates its 176th anniversary this year, is one of the leading manufacturers of screws in Europe. It produces the highest quality of screws, in different sizes, lengths and diameters for timber construction. In its drawing shop, located 60 km southwest from Vienna, about four million screws are produced every day; that's about 40 tonnes a day.

Schmid Schrauben has found a partner in ArcelorMittal Hamburg who very well understands their needs. "Our contacts in Hamburg take us seriously as customers and we work well together," says Managing Director Andreas Gebert. "It is particularly important that we have a good ear for our suggestions and that together we can optimise the wire that we need for different applications over and over again."

Schmid Schrauben therefore also gives us the necessary product data for the calculation software for the screws. "We do not just buy any steel from a catalogue. The used steel must have no errors,” Mr Gebert said. “If the wire is not quite round, or the surface has cracks or inclusions, it rips in production. And in the worst case, the tool will be destroyed as well. This generates costs and long downtimes. Perfect quality is extremely important to us." Specifically, this means that the Schmid Schrauben screws, for example, can absorb very high tensile forces. "Structural engineers who plan with our screws know that they can do so with a need of fewer screws. The work is, therefore, faster, and the construction becomes easier," he added.

In addition, logistics also plays a major role for Schmid Schrauben who is dependent on absolute delivery reliability. The company is also working hard to continue to grow with innovative products. New products such as hardwood screws are now available and special screws for earthquake application are under development. For ArcelorMittal Hamburg there are further perspectives: "Together, we are on the right path and will multiply the volumes", concluded Mr Gebert, optimistic about the company’s joint future.