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New jointly-owned US Corporation CEWA launched by Coastal Environments Inc. and Wessex Archaeology

Coastal Environments Inc. and Wessex Archaeology Ventures Ltd. today announced they have entered into an agreement to create CEWA Inc., a jointly owned US Corporation headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The new venture will create a business specifically to deliver expert advice and cultural heritage permitting services to the growing US offshore renewables market.

The Directors of both companies unanimously approved the venture, which combines US and European expertise and capacity. Wessex Archaeology will contribute technical knowledge and 17 years of marine archaeological experience in the North Sea, where the organisation has supplied services for over 90% of all the UK’s offshore wind farm schemes. Coastal Environments Inc. will provide its understanding of the US marine market and a proven track record of successful BOEM-compliant marine archaeological submissions in support of offshore development.

“We are pleased to announce this new venture for Coastal Environments Inc. which will build on our existing experience and relationships in the US offshore market,” stated Mark Gagliano, President of Coastal Environments Inc. and CEWA. “It will also provide new and existing clients with access to the expertise and capacity they need to meet the challenging targets presented by the current offshore wind development programme.”

This increased expertise and capacity will ensure that the geophysical datasets produced by offshore renewable schemes can be accurately and efficiently interrogated in the timeframe required to ensure smooth and rapid progress through the permitting system.

Chairman of CEWA and Wessex Archaeology, Dr Ian Selby, said: “This partnership marks the start of an exciting chapter for our organisations within a growing global market. As sector-leaders in the US and Europe, we are confident that CEWA will represent a unique heritage proposition for offshore developers, with high-quality services based on unparalleled experience, talented and specialist staff using the latest technologies, and the capacity to deliver on time and within budget.”

CEWA’s Principal Investigator, Dr Amanda Evans, will be backed by a large and highly-qualified multi-disciplinary team with many years’ experience in successful permitting of offshore energy projects, including Wessex Archaeology’s expert team of marine geophysical and geoarchaeological analysts.

“Coastal Environments Inc. and Wessex Archaeology Ltd. have an excellent track record of successful collaboration and today’s agreement is a testament to that success,” said Wessex Archaeology CEO, Chris Brayne.

“We look forward to working together formally to unlock the potential of our combined capability.”