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Juice Technology to produce Juice Booster custom edition for BMW Group production lines

Juice Technology AG, manufacturer of charging stations and software, and leading producer of portable charging stations for electric vehicles, has won a contract to supply JUICE BOOSTER 2 to BMW Group production lines and the majority of BMW dealerships throughout Germany.

The portable charging station offers the car manufacturer complete flexibility. Whether during production or as part of a service, this allows electric vehicles to be charged in situ whenever necessary, and in absolute safety.

Another spin-off from the mobility revolution is that major car manufacturers not only need to rethink the range of vehicles they offer, but production and servicing also need to be upgraded and retrofitted to accommodate electric vehicles. JUICE BOOSTER 2 provides an extremely sustainable and cost-effective solution to this problem. This is why the BMW Group are now using a custom edition of JUICE BOOSTER 2 on their German production lines and in dealers’ workshops alongside the Pro version.

Production lines and workflows don’t need to be redesigned to accommodate the portable charging station thanks to the flexibility offered by its comprehensive adapter system and extension capabilities. EVs can be charged in situ at any time during production or servicing, no matter where the vehicle happens to be.

“Next to user-friendliness and ease of operation, quality and safety are our top priorities when designing and manufacturing our complete range of charging stations and solutions,” explained Christopher Gewohn, Head of Business Development at Juice Technology.

“We are deeply honoured by the trust that many companies have placed in us and this only makes us more determined to make sure that Juice Booster 2 is a truly quality product.”

JUICE BOOSTER 2 is produced in workshops that comply with strict automotive manufacturing standards. The product is TÜV SÜD-certified, guaranteeing maximum safety and quality for this sensitive production sector. Certification is key to successful partnerships with automotive manufacturers and lays the foundations for the essential quality requirements for series production and spare parts manufacture in the automotive industry.