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Successful implementation of Rolls-Royce digital I&C technologies at nuclear power plant

Rolls-Royce has completed the installation and the commissioning of the new digital instrumentation and control systems during outages in 2016-2018.

This comes four years after being awarded a contract by Fortum to upgrade the safety-critical instrumentation and control systems of Loviisa nuclear power plant in Finland.

This instrumentation and control modernisation project involved replacing existing analogue instrumentation and control systems with digital safety instrumentation and control systems using Rolls-Royce digital Spinline® technology in both reactor units at Loviisa. The scope of work for Rolls-Royce included design, licensing of the Spinline® technology according to the requirements set by the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, and installation and commissioning activities for six safety systems, including reactor protection, control and power limitations systems, and three safety-related systems such as automatic and hardwired backup systems for accident management and monitoring systems.

“We are delighted and proud to have completed the delivery of this major I&C modernisation project, as expected four years ago. To succeed, our dedicated teams based in Grenoble, France, have applied their expertise and experience from other I&C modernisation projects completed by our company. One of the key success factors of this project has been our capability to have good cooperation with Fortum and all other stakeholders involved,” said Eric Blanc, Rolls-Royce, Civil Nuclear, Instrumentation and Control President.

“We are very pleased that the implementation of the new safety systems was completed on time, within budget and according to high quality and required safety standards. Also, the nuclear-specific challenge related to the complexity of licensing processes was turned into a success factor throughout the excellent cooperation between Fortum, Rolls-Royce and all others stakeholders. This was achieved through an extensive pre-planning phase, proactive schedule management and continuous improvement during the project,” said Magnus Forsstrom, Automation Modernisation Project Owner, Fortum.

The aim of the successful automation modernisation project was to improve safety and secure safe and reliable operation of the Loviisa nuclear power plant until the end of the plant’s operational licenses. Unit 1 at Loviisa power plant has a license to operate until the end of 2027 and unit 2 is licensed to operate until 2030.