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ZF reproduces historic S5-325 sports transmission for DB5 James Bond Car

ZF and Aston Martin have been cooperating very successfully since the 1950s – the British sports car manufacturer is one of the oldest customers of the globally operating technology company.

At the time, ZF produced the manual 5-speed S5-325 sports transmission for the DB5. On behalf of Aston Martin Lagonda, ZF Tradition has now reproduced this transmission after almost 60 years – for the special reproduction of 25 true-to-original “Goldfinger” DB5 with the special James Bond gadgets. The vehicles were manufactured after pre-orders from collectors and for charity.

Almost everyone knows the probably most famous film car in the world – the silver Aston Martin DB5. Aston Martin Lagonda commissioned ZF to reproduce the historic S5-325 sports transmission for the exclusive, authentic reproduction of the film car. All 280 individual parts were manufactured with the latest production technologies. The gearshift dome was manufactured by 3D printing at the ZF plant in Pilsen. As a special film gadget, the shift lever was modified: A two-millimetre hole was drilled through the shift lever to accommodate a cable for simulating the ejection seat. The shift knob features a flap which can be opened, with a pushbutton underneath.

The S5-325 was and is very popular among sports drivers – it was installed in countless super sports cars of its time. Since all five forward gears are lock-synchronised, even inexperienced drivers can perform quick, safe and silent gear changes without double-clutching when shifting up a gear. Up to 400 Newton metres of permissible torque can be achieved, depending on the ratio.

The ZF-Synchroma transmission has five forward gears and one reverse gear; the ZF lock synchroniser is installed in all forward gears. Only the reverse gear comes with sliding gear engagement. The gear pairs of the forward gears are constantly in mesh. While one gear of each speed is fastened firmly on its shaft piece, the roller-bearing mating gear can turn freely. During the shifting process, it is coupled to its shaft through by shifting a dog clutch sliding sleeve, so the power flow is routed via the corresponding gear pair. The dog sleeves are secured against jumping out. In reverse gear, the direction of rotation of the output is changed by intermediate shifting of the reverse idler gear. Locking mechanisms ensure that only one gear can be engaged at a time. It is possible to connect the speedometer. The gears and shafts are made of alloyed stainless steel and are case-hardened; they run on strong rolling bearings. Helical toothed gears, ground tooth flanks and high precision during production ensure quiet transmissions.

The most important wear parts as well as transmission overhauls and repairs are available for various street-legal versions. As required, parts can also be reproduced upon request.