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BASF gains approval for fungicide innovation Revysol in Europe

Farmers are to benefit from improved farm management and performance from BASF’s fungicide innovation Revysol, the first Isopropanol-Azole being introduced to the market.

“Farmers are looking for innovative and sustainable solutions to improve their farm operations. Revysol allows them to manage their farm more efficiently and to reduce weather-related risks. It also delivers higher and more consistent yields, which maximise their income,” said Livio Tedeschi, Senior Vice President Europe, Middle East, Africa and CIS at BASF’s Agricultural Solutions division.

Cereals are the most important row crops in Europe, covering more than 50% of all cultivated land, therefore BASF filed product registrations for these crops first. Revysol is highly effective against important diseases, such as Septoria tritici and rusts in wheat or Ramularia in barley. Revysol-based product launches for use in cereals are expected in 2019 for the 2020 season, pending national authorizations.

Further registrations will cover other important crops such as oilseed rape, corn, fruits, grapes and vegetables.agr

“For designing Revysol, we applied our fungicide, regulatory and sustainability expertise to achieve an outstanding performance while meeting the high level of regulatory standards,” said Jürgen Oldeweme, Senior Vice President Global Product Safety and Registration at BASF’s Agricultural Solutions division. “We are very pleased about the approval in the EU as it provides significant momentum to the registrations of Revysol globally.”

Revysol is expected to become BASF’s new global blockbuster fungicide with a targeted peak sales potential above €1 billion. Besides Europe, BASF is applying for registrations in the Asia Pacific and the Americas for more than 40 crops. The active ingredient will be available in customised formulations to enable farmers worldwide to better protect their crops under various growing conditions.