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DN2K Launches DairyInsight Pilot Program to Select Customers

DN2K, developers of advanced remote monitoring and management systems, today announced an expanded pilot program for the company’s new DairyInsight platform.

The DairyInsight platform brings together multiple farm data sources into an intuitive dashboard that immediately helps the producer plan their activities and monitor their financial health.

For the pilot program, DN2K is actively pursuing a select group of producers to use the platform and experience first-hand the results that can be gained from using DairyInsight on their farm to improve operations and increase production.

DN2K will work with this select group of producers to demonstrate how the solution can enable decision-making that increases production and profitability.

“Dairy producers are responsible for their operations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. DairyInsight provides them with a way to analyse their data on herd size and health, feed supply, consumption, weather, and cow comfort to easily understand factors that impact performance. This ultimately could be used to predict production and other key trends,” said Susan Lambert, DN2K President and CEO. “This expanded pilot program was developed following the interest we received at launch from companies in all areas of the dairy value chain.

Through the program, we will give our users an opportunity to leverage their data in a completely new way to optimise the financial performance of their operation.”

Through the pilot program, DN2K is offering participants the opportunity to see the benefit of combining multiple data sources aligned into a single dashboard, use comparative analysis tools to gain new insights, and use dashboard indicators to drive decisive action.

The pilot program for the DairyInsight platform will facilitate importing current and historical data from participants’ operations to populate their personalised use of the system.