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BMO Capital Markets hosts 13th Annual Farm to Market Conference

BMO Capital Markets is hosting its 13th annual Farm to Market Conference on 16th - 17th May at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York City. The conference brings together industry leaders in the agriculture, food retail, protein, and farm input sectors, as well as global institutional investors.

On 16th May, the conference will feature a panel on The State of the U.S. Farmer, Crop Economics and Disruptions in Farm-Retail – including farmer-owned cooperative CHS, Farmers Business Network (FBN), and McKinsey & Company. A keynote presentation featuring Nilam Ganenthiran, Chief Business Officer of Instacart, will follow on 17th May.

"Recent years have proven to be a challenging time for growers, but we're hopeful that feelings of optimism will return; we've seen that higher commodity prices have started to provide support for many of the agriculture input producers attending our conference," said Joel Jackson, Managing Director and Analyst, Fertilizer and Chemicals, BMO Capital Markets. "We look forward to exploring the state of the U.S. farmer further, including debating the disruption occurring in the sector given the greater use of online dealers and data/analytics."

Other BMO analysts attending the conference include Kenneth Zaslow, Managing Director and Analyst, Food and Agriculture; Amit Sharma, Managing Director and Analyst, Food and Beverage; Kelly Bania, Managing Director and Analyst, Food Retailing and Distribution; and Andrew Strelzik, Managing Director and Analyst, Restaurants.

"Companies in this industry are in the midst of a transition at almost every level within their business models, spanning new leadership and navigating the changes in cost structure, global trade, interest rates, and even the tax code," said Mr Zaslow. "As consumer behaviour evolves, companies have increasingly had to shift focus towards fulfilling heightened customer expectations."

"Companies are evolving to meet consumer demand for more convenience, higher quality and good value, at a time of higher labour and supply chain costs," said Ms Bania. "The acceleration of digital is driving rapid change across the food retail industry; our keynote presentation with Instacart will offer insight into one of the leading grocery delivery platforms in North America."

Additionally, senior executives from more than 100 leading agriculture, fertiliser, food, protein, beverage, restaurant, and retail companies will discuss leading industry trends.

Among the companies attending are Archer Daniels Midland, Bunge, CF Industries, DowDupont, FMC, Kroger, Mosaic, Nutrien, Sysco and Tyson Foods.