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Oscar Mayer takes hot dogs to new heights with latest WienerFleet addition

What’s that flying in the sky? It’s not a bird or a plane … it’s Super Hotdogger!

To kick off the first week of summer, Oscar Mayer is introducing a new hero to the iconic WienerFleet with epic hot dog delivery in mind. This latest addition, Super Hotdogger, is the world’s first-ever JetPack-powered, high-flying hot dog hero who stops at nothing to deliver better Oscar MayerHot Dogs to the hands of hot dog lovers across America.

Custom designed with unique Wienermobile-inspired features, Super Hotdogger defies gravity, going where the beloved icon on wheels cannot. Super Hotdogger’s state-of-the-art JetPack is so rare that more people have walked on the moon than have flown with this technology. To ensure smooth Oscar Mayer Hot Dog delivery, Super Hotdogger sports a belt equipped with an aerodynamic hot dog carrying cases and a uniquely designed helmet that zeroes in on hungry targets on the ground.

“Oscar Mayer will stop at nothing when it comes to providing quality hot dogs to fans everywhere and our innovative WienerFleet is an integral part of our mission to get a better hot dog in every hand,” said Matt Riezman, Brand Manager for Oscar Mayer. “With the debut of Super Hotdogger and last year’s WienerDrone, the future of flying hot dog delivery is bright.”

Last summer, Oscar Mayer proved its commitment to better hot dogs by removing all added nitrates and nitrites (except those naturally occurring in celery juice), by-products and artificial preservatives from every single Oscar Mayer hot Dog. Now, the brand is literally elevating its mission to get a better hot dog in every hand with the launch of Super Hotdogger. The flying hero is dedicated to delivering new Oscar MayerPork and ChickenHot Dog offerings made with meat that is 100% ground pork and 100% ground chicken.

Weather permitting, Super Hotdogger will take his first public flight at the Seaport District between Pier 16 and 17 today at noon and 3 p.m. EDT where fans can catch the sights and sounds of Super Hotdogger, enjoy complimentary Oscar Mayer hot Dogs and take a tour of the iconic Wienermobile.