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Aquila address the environmental issues of industrial gloves

Following the removal of one-time PVC packaging from their supply chain, Aquila brand and their parent company Taste International are pleased to announce a programme of evaluation and planning to deal with the recycling and energy issues around manufacture and use of industrial gloves.

Already, Aquila gloves minimise these issues by offering longer lifetimes than competitors - by virtue of their quality and cut glove weave technology which enables some 14 washes without loss of protection. To simplify this, Taste International are studying the possibility of low-energy bulk laundering for large quantities on a collect basis.

Factory production processes of course are under environmental pressure where it is possible to use renewable energy and to recycle wastewater to a level of zero pollution.

Typically, industrial gloves are an intimate mix of cotton, polyester and nylon – so the programme will look at re-use and recycling – with awareness of launder-and-match possibilities for large-scale consumers and use of chopped/shredded material in insulation, soft stuffing, packaging, reconstituted panels and similar. Other reclaim processes include carding and re-weaving or mechanical /chemical reduction to components for re-use.

Recycling of mixed fabrics is a global issue for the clothing industry, and as market leaders in the glove industry Taste International are looking to work with the worldwide Aquila distribution network and third-party service partners to ensure that personal health and safety remains compatible with the health and safety of our planet.