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AkzoNobel paints China's Colourful Yunnan Happy World theme park

Colourful Yunnan Happy World, the first theme park in southwest China, has officially opened to the public in Kunming, Yunnan province, after collaborating with AkzoNobel's Dulux Pro brand to paint around 180,000 square meters of attractions and facilities in approximately 80 different colours.

Painting a theme park is a complex endeavour. Constant exposure to the elements and contact by visitors mean the paints must be resistant to erosion. Professional artists must be able to create colours and textures resembling rock, wood and animal skin - so the paints also need to be capable of producing a variety of effects such as matte, glossy and other specialised textures.

"Theme parks are flourishing in China, and AkzoNobel, along with its product brand Dulux Pro, are among the few providers that can customise total paint solutions and services for such complexes," said Dr Lin Liangqi, President of AkzoNobel China. "Our clients have access to vivid colours and thorough protection, and also to the customer and technical counselling services. We look forward to working with our customers to create authentic and unique experiences for visitors."

Experts from AkzoNobel provided extensive product selection and technical counselling to ensure fit-for-purpose lasting colour performance and protection. Their guidance reduced the number of colours required from approximately 160 to 80 - still achieving the desired effect and level of protection, while reducing the complexity of the order and saving the customer costs during construction.

A dedicated Dulux Pro team tracked the whole process, in view of the huge volume and urgent demand for specific products. In this way, they were able to maximise efficiency and achieve a delivery period of just 50 days, a more than 50% reduction of the distribution cycle.

AkzoNobel's solutions can be found on other global landmarks including the London Eye, UK, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia and both Brooklyn Bridge and the New York Times Building in the US.