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AkzoNobel and McLaren celebrate ten-year partnership

It's ten years since AkzoNobel and McLaren first roared off the grid with their ground-breaking partnership.

An exciting decade steered by a shared passion for pushing boundaries and levels of performance. The close relationship first shifted into gear in 2008, when AkzoNobel became the official supplier of paint solutions for McLaren Racing. McLaren has used the company's premium Sikkens brand for its F1 cars ever since.

The collaboration isn't limited to the F1 team, however. AkzoNobel has also been a technology partner to McLaren Automotive since 2012, with all McLaren road cars being fully painted in the company's products.

"Working with partners like McLaren is a perfect example of our commitment to delivering cutting-edge innovation," said Keith Malik, Key Account Director of AkzoNobel's Automotive and Specialty Coatings business. "We're proud to have partnered with them for ten years and demonstrate our shared passion for high-performance technologies and performance."

Simon Roberts, COO of McLaren Racing added: "Our decade-long relationship with AkzoNobel has led us to new innovations, scientific and sustainable advancements and quality finishes. Their longevity in the marketplace, coupled with the technology we've developed together, has helped us in our ongoing pursuit of high performance, and we're thrilled to call AkzoNobel our partner."

The livery for this season's MCL33 F1 car has made a particular impact. The Papaya Spark colour scheme resulted in McLaren winning a BBC poll earlier this year for the best-looking car.

The successful partnership is being celebrated this week at the annual Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) automotive show. Being held in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the US until 2nd November, the event is a major gathering for the aftermarket industry. AkzoNobel is well represented and will shine a spotlight on the company's leadership in colour.

The McLaren F1 car will be in action again on 11th November at the Brazilian Grand Prix.