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British manufacturer leads the way with investment in state-of-the-art equipment and technology

One of the leading UK plastic manufacturers has significantly increased its capacity through investing in state-of-the-art machinery and technology that will increase the businesses efficiency in delivering its services to its extensive portfolio of high profile clients.

Great Central Plastics – based in Northamptonshire – has invested over £20,000 in advanced CAD and CAM technology as well as a range of tooling and moulding machinery at its impressive 10,500 sq ft facilities. The company is well known for creating and manufacturing a range of bespoke plastic products for clients using its contemporary equipment.

Replacing one of its iconic moulding machines with a new 90-tonne model will see the business significantly increase its capabilities through improved productivity and efficiency whilst maintaining the exceptionally high-quality standards that the business is known for.

The dedication to keeping machinery and technology at its best has resulted in the company being one of the only plastic manufacturing companies in the UK to provide complex two shot injection plastic moulding processes achieving even the most intricate of client design requests.

Speaking about the new machinery, Rowan Wilson, Sales Manager at Great Central Plastics said: “We’re always investing heavily in the latest technology and machinery for our in-house tooling and moulding facilities to create truly unique products for our clients. We pride ourselves as one of the few UK companies to be able to supply these services in-house and it’s our skilled team and exceptional machinery that allows us to do this.

“Our commitment to having the best facilities to hand is what has allowed us to win contracts with some of the biggest international brands, produce products to the highest quality and deliver large orders with a quick turnaround.”

With a strong portfolio of clients including McDonalds, Jaguar, Mercedes and Smirnoff, the company is well versed in working with large companies to provide a full turnkey service in a short timeframe. Recently supplying 50,000 swizzle sticks, in two different colours, to promote this year's most-watched programme – Love Island - the company was able to tool, mould and deliver the finished products in only two weeks.

Speaking about how top-range machinery benefits the business, Kiron Phillips, Sales and Marketing Executive at Great Central Plastics said: “We work with clients from the creative process through to the delivery of the finished product. Using the most advanced equipment in the industry puts us ahead of the curve in the UK market allowing us to meet unique client requirements which other companies wouldn’t be able to provide. An example of this is our capabilities when producing environmentally friendly products from recycled plastic. We use our high tech machinery to produce the recycled plastic products in any colour, which really sets us apart from other manufacturers who can usually only offer recycled material in one colour.”

Established in 1998, Great Central Plastics has established a reputation as one of the top British plastic tooling and moulding specialists. The company has created bespoke products for various industries including automotive, industrial, entertainment and food and drink using some of the best equipment and technology in the UK.