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ArcelorMittal launches a new range of corrosion resistant rails

ArcelorMittal Europe – Long Products has launched RailCor, a completely new range of corrosion resistant rails to protect from severe corrosion environments.

RailCor is developed by ArcelorMittal Global R&D and has been tested through a wide range of systems in accelerated corrosion tests. The selected solutions have been tested on real tracks for more than 2 years, under the most severe conditions.

RailCor is available in four specific solutions to meet the most demanding customer requirements to protect rails against corrosion, depending on the location and final application.

Two solutions are designed to offer long-term protection in severe environments, with a third one protecting rails against corrosion by stray currents. The fourth solution is ideal for low corrosion environments, or during shipment and storage.

In addition to protecting rails against corrosion, RailCor offers increased rail service life, a considerable reduction in rail track maintenance and rail replacement costs, and increased cost savings as there is a remarkable decrease regarding the rail replacement expenses.

The ends of the rails remain uncoated on delivery to facilitate handling, welding, and drilling.

RailCor was designed and tested to include best steel adhesion acting as the best physical barrier to protect the rail, and meet the most demanding standards.