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Materials in Car Body Engineering 2018

Ludovic Dormegny, Global Research and Development Product Manager for ArcelorMittal Automotive, will introduce a new generation of Press-Hardened Steel solutions (PHS) at Materials in Car Body Engineering 2018.

These new PHS grades will lead to further mass reductions while increasing safety.

The annual Automotive Circle conference on Materials in Car Body Engineering will take place in Bad Nauheim (Germany) from 15th – 17th May. The conference comes as the automotive industry is facing fundamental changes such as electrification, increasing model variety, global production concepts, and autonomous driving. The 2018 edition of the conference aims to present material concepts that are achievable today and that will be viable in the foreseeable future. Ludovic will demonstrate that ArcelorMittal's newest PHS grades are a perfect solution to meet these challenges now and in the future.

With the introduction of ArcelorMittal’s second generation PHS steels, Usibor® 2000 and Ductibor® 1000, car manufacturers have access to materials that will help them to reduce vehicle weight even further at an affordable cost. In turn, this will give them the design freedom they need to create lightweight mobility solutions. ArcelorMittal’s recent S-in motion® projects on C-segment and mid-size passenger cars showed that Usibor® 2000 and Ductibor® 1000 solutions can provide mass savings of more than 30 kg (or 30%) on passive safety structural parts compared to typical AHSS solutions on the market. The studied concepts include Usibor® and Ductibor® laser welded blanks (LWBs). These lightweight and cost-effective solutions allow meeting all crash safety requirements.