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Tata Steel Adventure Foundation trio accomplishes Mission Everest 2018

The trio comprising Poonam, Swarnalata and Sandeep Toliya, successfully reached the Summit of Mount Everest this morning as part of the Mission Everest 2018.

The mission, sponsored by Tata Steel, was organised by Tata Steel Adventure Foundation (TSAF).

Congratulating the TSAF cadets on this remarkable feat, Sunil Bhaskaran, vice president, corporate services, Tata Steel, said, “It’s a great achievement by the trekkers which showcases their indomitable spirit, zeal and grit. We at Tata Steel are proud to have been able to support them to realize their dreams. TSAF, through this unique endeavour, will continue to promote the adventure sports in the country.”

The Everesters had been undergoing training at the TSAF for the past one year. In February this year, they were sent to Mount Aconcagua (highest peak of South America and one of the 7 summits) as part of their training to provide them with climbing experience with international climbers. During the training, they faced turbulent weather, high altitudes and thin air with less oxygen, an experience like the Mount Everest expedition.

The trio left Jamshedpur for Garhwal Himalaya on February 25, 2018 for another round of training under TSAF. This included a month-long training on the snow-covered mountains to get acclimatised to the cold conditions, heavy load carrying up and down the mountain slopes, and sleeping in tents.

Bachendri Pal, chief of adventure programmes for Tata Steel is driving this spirit in people to be adventurous and enterprising. Over the years, apart from leading path-breaking expeditions, she has trained several people from different walks of life for Mount Everest expedition. Speaking on the achievement of the three climbers, she said, “This feat shows the CAN-DO-SPIRIT which TSAF inculcates amongst the people. Tata Steel has been forthcoming in providing opportunities to make such dreams come true through the Tata Steel Adventure Foundation. Our congratulations to Poonam, Swarnalata and Sandeep Toliya.”