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Nouryon launches new Levasil colloidal silica line for the electronics industry

Nouryon has introduced a new Levasil colloidal silica product line dedicated to the electronics industry.

This latest addition to the Levasil line provides customers with a colloidal silica of superior purity to shape, smooth and polish high-performance substrates such as silicon wafers, required in the production of integrated circuits for electronic devices.

Nouryon currently has Levasil products available with five modification types. The latest line, with potassium as the stabilising ion, enables Nouryon to offer a new range of solutions to the electronics industry where purity and performance are essential. Demand is particularly strong in Asia, where the majority of customers for these materials are located.

“The fast-changing electronics industry constantly increases demand for higher-performance, higher-purity solutions to be able to meet consumer needs today and in the future,” said Patrick Wilhelm, Vice President of Colloidal Silica at Nouryon. “This new product line has been developed to meet those demands.”

Johan Landfors, President of Technology Solutions at Nouryon, added: “This is an important addition to our product portfolio and shows our dedication to deliver innovative solutions to our customers in high-tech industries. It is also in line with our growth ambitions for Asia.”