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Cisco and Google Cloud embark on a journey to streamline work for 150M+ people

Life just got a whole lot easier for the millions of people who use the industry-leading apps and services delivered by Cisco Collaboration and Google Cloud.

As part of the company’s deepening alliance, Cisco has announced its first wave of collaboration integrations with Google products. This goes far beyond merely making sure calling, email, document collaboration, and customer service products work together. The goal is to help people be much more efficient, so they can do their jobs better. Cisco believe artificial intelligence and machine learning will dramatically change the way people work. As the company creates that new future, they are exploring how AI services from Google Cloud Platform can help expand collaboration capabilities.

More than three million customer service agents globally use Cisco contact centre software. Cisco are adding Google Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the Cisco Customer Journey Solutions via Google Cloud’s new Contact Center AI solution. Contact Center AI is a simple, secure, and flexible solution that allows enterprises with limited machine learning expertise to deploy AI in their contact centres. The AI automatically provides agents with relevant documents to help guide conversations and continuously learns in order to deliver increasingly more relevant information over time.

This combination of Google’s powerful AI capabilities with Cisco’s large global reach can dramatically enhance the way companies interact with their customers.

With an add-on from G Suite in the coming months, you'll see the Webex Meetings icon every time you schedule a meeting in Google Calendar. Click it to set up your video-first Webex meeting for the people and rooms you need, and let the technology do the rest. People join from a Cisco video device by simply pushing the big green "join" button. Or from a Chrome browser with just one click- no downloads or guest accounts required. While different companies created the tools, it will now feel like they were built to work together.

Making meetings easier to schedule and join is only part of the problem we’re solving. Cisco will jointly explore using Google AI for capabilities such as transcription, translation, meeting summaries and task management to ensure what’s discussed becomes more actionable for everyone whether they were there or not.

Thanks to the Webex Teams Android SDK, developers can easily add Cisco collaboration capabilities into their Android apps. For example, you could add Cisco video meetings into smart glasses for a “see what I see” experience between, say, an expert on land and an engineer on a ship in the middle of the ocean.

As people collaborate on content more and more, Cisco and Google are exploring ways to make the job easier. No more endless reposting of documents as people layer on new rounds of edits. Post it once, edit it as many times as you need, or co-collaborate on content to get things done even faster. Everyone always has the latest and greatest version.

“Together, Cisco and Google Cloud can drive significant value for our customers,” said Amy Chang, SVP, Cisco Collaboration. “We’re excited about these initial integrations and what’s to come as we work together to improve the future of work. This is just the beginning.”