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Intel participates in White House summit on advancing US leadership in quantum computing

Intel has recently participated in the White House summit on quantum information sciences with leaders from industry, academia and U.S. government agencies.

The meeting, to further research and collaboration in quantum computing, was organised by the Office of Science and Technology Policy. Intel will take part in sessions on developing a quantum workforce and removing barriers to quantum innovation.

Dr Jim Clarke, Intel’s director of quantum hardware said: “When it comes to quantum computing, we are in mile one of a marathon. No single entity can deliver a quantum computer alone. We must partner with our government agencies, academia and other companies to further research and development and develop a quantum workforce. This technology will change the life of everyone on this planet, and we applaud the White House for pulling together this summit to advance American leadership in quantum computing.”

The Summit coincides with the National Quantum Initiative Act, which is moving through Congress. The bill would authorise $1.3 billion in funding on quantum information sciences through 2023. The bill has bipartisan support. It passed the House of Representatives on 13th September and is expected to be approved by the Senate.

Quantum computing holds the promise to exponentially speed up certain algorithms compared with classical computers. If fully realised, quantum computers will have a profound impact on chemistry, medicine, finance, machine learning, artificial intelligence and more.

Quantum technology is in the early stages of development and will need support from the government, industry and academia. The National Quantum Act will facilitate basic research and technology development. Intel sees opportunities with multiple government agencies to accelerate our internal programs, develop a workforce for computing’s next generation and deliver an important technology for the United States.