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Noatum Logistics launches a new division specialising in railway equipment transport

The logistics unit of Noatum Maritime Noatum Logistics has just launched a new division specialising in the provision of specific, high-value services to the railway industry.

This sector with ample growth potential requires specific transport and logistics operation procedures and solutions in which Noatum Logistics Rail Projects has extensive expertise.

Located in Bilbao and led by José Luis García-Alzorriz, this new division can rely on over 20-years’ experience of Noatum Logistics Bilbao in the transport of railway equipment. During this period, Noatum Logistics Bilbao has provided suitable and reliable operation procedures and solutions for each project, having transported wagons, trams and locomotives to different countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and Central and South America.

The creation of Noatum Logistics Rail Projects is part of the Group’s strategy to provide the most convenient solutions to the different industrial sectors. Noatum Maritime currently has other specialised divisions, such as Marmedsa Oil & Gas, specialising in the oil and gas industry, and Noatum Maritime Automotive, which includes all activities connected with the vehicle and ro-ro cargo port operations.

Antonio Campoy, CEO of Noatum Maritime stated: “This new division will allow us to consolidate the specialised transport solutions we are already offering to the railway sector, an industry with ample growth potential, as well as to extend the diversification of the Group’s divisions and services”.

With three business units, Noatum Maritime Services handles over 10,000 port calls yearly, moving over 11.8 Million tons bulk and general cargo, 1.2 Million vehicles and 584,000 TEU each year and carrying out over 99,000 transport operations yearly.