Supplypoint’s new reconfigurable locker

Supplypoint’s new reconfigurable locker provides increased flexibility

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SupplyPoint, a global market leader in intelligent inventory solutions, has increased its range of intelligent locker solutions with the addition of new reconfigurable lockers. which are now available worldwide.

Customisable to the specific item portfolio of the individual customer, LockerFlex is suitable for the storage and management of a broad range of goods – indeed, virtually any products including personal protective equipment (PPE), tools, maintenance, repair & overhaul (MRO) and office products.

Adaptable to various item heights, the versatility of LockerFlex allows for a range of vertical configurations, making it suitable for any factory or warehouse environment.

 The height of each compartment can be adjusted via the simple and rapid removal or replacement of individual shelves, creating anything from multiple individual compartments to a single compartment for longer items which may be too large to fit in other lockers.

This optimises the use of space and the customer’s investment in this technology. Doors spring open automatically, in any configuration; there is no need to adjust them as a result.

Compartment size can be reconfigured as and when needed in the field to meet changing customer requirements, all while allowing for complete traceability and access control for individuals to different types of item through SupplyPoint’s industry-leading software.

LED lights fitted to the bottom of each vertical shelf ensure that, irrespective of how many shelves are removed, each remaining compartment is always clearly illuminated.

Mark Peers, President of SupplyPoint, explained: “Every facility is of course different. But until now customers have had to rely solely on standard solutions for the management of key assets and inventory items. Now, however, they can effectively store and manage items of varied heights through our reconfigurable LockerFlex lockers.

“They also make a perfect addition to any control unit already in the field, allowing the expansion of products controlled and managed. Not only this, as business needs evolve, LockerFlex can be readily reconfigured to house different items – all while retaining control and traceability through proprietary SupplyPoint software.”