The WSW Solder Wire Platform

Weller Tools Successfully Launches the WSW Solder Wire Platform

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Weller Tools, the world’s No.1 brand in hand soldering solutions, successfully introduces the new WSW Solder Wire platform, engineered to deliver the perfect solder joint every time.

The successful launch of the 30 new Weller WSW solder wires speaks for itself: Designed to enhance the quality of all hand and robotic soldering jobs, the Weller WSW solder wires increase productivity while reducing operating costs.

With a guaranteed 100% continuous flux core, combined with pure first metal melting, WSW enable long-term, highly durable solder joints without cracking, even on difficult surfaces.

Professional solder wire in six products ranges and 3 different spool sizes for experienced soldering professionals and skilled arts & crafts hobbyists and DIYers.

WSW solder wires optimize the performance of the soldering process by reducing tip consumption, ensuring a low total cost of ownership by decreasing labour time and resources. The reduce splash feature increases direct user safety while keeping the workbench clean.

The WSW solder wire platform is available in a range of reel sizes: 100g, 250g and 500g. As best-in-class professional solder wire the WSW portfolio meets both the requirements of R&D engineers, rework technicians, soldering technicians as well as of general, professional and arts & crafts hobbyists and DIYers.

Perfect addition: The Weller SD 1000 solder wire dispenser for solder wire spools up to 1 kg. Its heavy base plate provides perfect stability. The dispenser is suitable for different solder wire diameters and enables quick solder wire feeding.

For more working space and a well-organized soldering workstation with different wire diameters, the optional ABW 2 attachment kit can be easily mounted for using additional solder wire coils.

WSW exceeds the industry standards and reduces tip soldering use up to 70 percent with fewer soldering splashes, uniform melting behavior, best quality and no material contaminations.

The platform is ideal for fast tip wetting, resulting in perfect solder joints, an optimized production process, clean workspace and user safety. Available for a range of applications across manufacturing and retail, WSW delivers maximum flexibility.